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Do Cats Get Lonely?

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Posted by Andrea on 22nd Feb 2020

The popular misconception is that cats are not sociable enough to feel the need for companionship. This theory is posed because cats are independent, solitary hunters, unlike dogs and similar animals that hunt in packs. In actuality, since cats are small and can capture only small prey--or enough for one meal--it makes the most sense for felines to hunt individually. Hence, the assumption that cats do not tolerate other cats.

However, cats have a social structure that is built around the availability of resources. They will live in groups whenever possible, and they will even raise each other's kittens. This is why it is often recommended that when adopting kittens, it is best to adopt them in pairs. Since they are too young to have developed territorial issues, they can learn from each other, develop socialization skills together, and they can get along as littermates long after they mature.

If you have an adult cat and are considering a companion to stave off loneliness, think about it carefully, then proceed with caution. As most cats will benefit from having a companion, in the short term you will likely have adjustment issues. Cats raised around other cats will adjust more easily to a new cat in their territory. Before attempting to bring home a second cat, consider your cat's upbringing. Sometimes, it is just too stressful to introduce a newcomer to the resident kitty. Use the insight only you can have about your cat to make the most informed decision for his health and happiness going forward.

If you feel your feline ultimately will not tolerate another cat, you can address any loneliness issues by enriching his environment. Give him opportunities for discovery, activity and fun. Sometimes, what you think is loneliness is actually just plain boredom. Make sure you spend ample time playing with him and showing lots of affection. More interactive playtime, solo play toys, and environmental enrichment provided by a cat tree from Armarkat should provide everything he needs to have a happy and fulfilling life with his human family.

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