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Crazy, Weird Cat Behaviors

Crazy, Weird Cat Behaviors

Posted by Andrea on 4th May 2021

It’s always fun to talk about those mysterious quirks and odd antics that make up behaviors exclusive to felines. Some behaviors are so nonsensical that you may be worried about your cat’s mental health. To set the record straight, we already know that cats are obsessive compulsive little creatures. Aside from that, it is these quirky behaviors that make them such interesting little creatures…

Staring Blankly: Though you may not see it, cats are able to pick up on minutiae that humans have no interest in, i.e., dust moving down the wall or the effect of lights on a surface. Though not one of the popular feline superpowers, it is their intense concentration that makes cats so zen-like. It might serve us well to practice this.

Knocking Stuff Over: This happens usually when you are in a hurry and don't have time to clean up. Cats are victims of their ancient feline instincts. During hunting and capturing their prey, they will often play with their victims before going in for the kill. Just remember, they can’t help it. They are NOT doing it simply to annoy you.

Stealing: Cats may seem like kleptomaniacs, but again, they continue to be victims of their instincts from their days in the wild. When they steal and hide things, they are again mimicking the hunt. Also, cats never learned about what is yours and what is mine. If they see it, they can steal it. At least, that’s the way it is in the cat code of ethics.

Head Butts: Did you ever get bonked in the head by your cat? If so, you can consider yourself a great cat parent. Head butts are for bonding and showing acceptance and affection. Cats are so adorable when giving you head butts that we can’t help but cuddle them. Also called bunting, head butts indicate that Kitty is taking ownership of you by marking you with his scent. It is one of the best honors your cat can bestow upon you!

Toys in Food Dish: Again, it is important to realize that felines are driven by instincts that date back hundreds of thousands of years before the computer. When life was spent in the wild, they would hunt for food. Sometimes they might move their captured prey to hide it from other predators. A food dish is regarded as good a storage place as any until they want to play with their prey--or toy--later on.

Chirps and Chatters: You might notice these unique sounds mainly when Kitty is watching window television. When they catch a glimpse of a particular bird or bug, this arouses their hunting instinct. They are excited and even a bit frustrated since they can’t get to their prey. These chirps and chatters are the sounds that signal what is going on.

The Zoomies: Cats are crepuscular. This means that their most active time of day is twilight, whether it be dawn or dusk. When Kitty takes off like a bat out of you-know-where, check your watch—or your alarm clock. Cats burn off their pent-up energy by zooming around the room and tearing across their territory. I guess this is what happens when a creature spends 15 to 20 hours a day sleeping.

Box World: Any box is a great place to hide from predators and grab a cat nap. “If it fits, I sits” is a popular internet cat meme. But you are welcome to upgrade him to a cozy cat bed from Available in more shapes and colors than cardboard!