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Cool Cats & Chill Dogs

Cool Cats & Chill Dogs

Posted by Andrea on 6th Dec 2019

If you are anything like us, you wonder about the strong interest in CBD products for pets. What is CBD, and can it make your fluffy feline fall out of her cat tree? Can it make your dog act high or stoned?

During the holiday season, with guests in and out of the house and decorations coming and going, your pets can be as overwhelmed as we are with all of the holiday madness around them. While we can unwind with a glass of wine, our pets don't always know how to cope.

Even daily stressors like boredom, separation, and any changes to their environment can have a negative impact on pets. As pet parents, we are always in search of new ways to help our fur families cope with their environment and live their best lives.

Voila! In response to this demand, new products are coming out almost every week that claim to calm down and relax our stressed-out little loved ones. And, these products are produced from the hemp plant. No wonder that people worry that CBD (cannabidiol), derived from the same plant as marijuana, will make their best friends act high, stoned, or even just unbalanced.

However, these products are extracted from the plant in such a way that the psychoactive THC component has been removed. CBD will not produce any of those unwanted effects. As a result, many people are finding that their pets become calmer, happier, and are additionally freed of the aches and pains of injury or old age.

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