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Cats and External Warmth

Posted by Angie on 12th Oct 2019

The weather is getting colder everyday.  We often wonder how we can help our little furry friends keeping them warm.  Some people like to dress up their cats with sweaters, and some like to add heat pads to the cat's resting area.  I ask myself, "is this really necessary?" If so, what is the use of their fur.  So I did a little internet search and found this article.  Basically, it is saying that cats don't need sweater but they do need external heat during cold weather.  If the pet owner is comfortable with the surrounding temperature then the cat is comfortable with the temperature.  By putting a sweater or any additional layers on the cat is going to create a hazardous condition for the cat.  The best thing we can do to help keeping our cats warm is to avoid placing them in a cold environment.  However, there is always exception.  It may be necessary to put sweaters on hairless cats for cold outdoor situation.  It may also be necessary to put a layer on the cat to prevent the cat from licking certain body parts.  

We love our cats, but sometimes we over think for them.   

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