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Can CBD Oil Actually Help Your Cat?

Can CBD Oil Actually Help Your Cat?

Posted by Andrea on 24th May 2021

As you probably know by now, CBD is dominating all the discussions of holistic health for pets. Derived from the hemp plant, it is all natural and without any of the psychoactive ingredients that are found in marijuana so it is legal in all states.

It has been known to help people and dogs deal with any number of health concerns. The good news is that it is also beneficial to cats. Veterinarians are using it more and more to treat cat-specific health issues. Though it is still being researched, the results are showing positive and effective treatment for a number of conditions. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease. But, I think that if we look at some of the ways CBD oil is being used effectively, either with or without veterinary supplements, you will get a good feel for what symptoms are better controlled with CBD oil.

Anxiety Relief: As we have discussed in previous blogs, cats tend to be amongst the most nervous of pets. They are extremely obsessive-compulsive and freak out if anyone interrupts their daily routines. Cat anxiety is not abnormal, but their propensities towards anxiety and “bad nerves” turns things like riding in the car into traumatic events.

Whether situational or behavioral, feline anxiety is significantly lessened by CBD oil. It interacts with their endocannabinoid system in the same manner it does in humans and in canines. CBD oil triggers the system to correct any hormonal or chemical imbalances that occur when the cat is stressed. With her hormones settled and normalized, she is noticeably more relaxed and tolerant of stressors.

Age-Related Joint Pain: Chronic joint pain is particularly well served by CBD oil. As your cat ages, the cartilage in her joints begins to wear away. As the area presents with more inflammation, she has increasing trouble with movement. Though CBD oil is not a cure-all for this condition, it has been shown to reduce the pain she experiences. Since it is easier and more comfortable to move, Kitty has gotten some well-deserved relief.

Appetite Improvement: If Kitty stops eating, you know there is something wrong. Multiple issues could be the culprit, but the frightening thing is that she doesn’t know that by not eating, she may be making herself more sick. Without food’s nutrition, she will quickly lose her strength and the ability to fight off whatever could be causing the problem. If medical conditions, or even certain medications, result in lack of appetite, CBD oil can be the saving grace.

To Suppress Seizures: Common anti-seizure medications are not always guaranteed to stop seizures in cats with epilepsy. Some medications can cause serious side effects. We don’t know what causes epilepsy, and we don’t understand why certain medicines work for certain cats and not for others. However, epileptic seizures have been shown in studies to be reduced in frequency and severity when CBD oil is used as a supplement.

Asthma Relief: Chronic inflammation in the feline lungs, asthma in cats is not very different from asthma in people. An attack of asthma means that airways constrict and do not allow enough air to reach the lungs. Cats, like people who are diagnosed with asthma, need to spend their days not far from an inhaler. Attacks can be mild or severe. CBD oil, as we know now, is an anti-inflammatory. It is not a replacement for an inhaler, but its beneficial properties can reduce the chances of attacks as well as the seriousness of each attack.

With this information, you should be able to see the efficacy of CBD for certain conditions your cat could face. Luckily, you can pick and choose from the many brands currently available on the market.

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