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Bringing the Outdoors Safely to Your Indoor Cat…

Bringing the Outdoors Safely to Your Indoor Cat…

Posted by Andrea on 28th Jun 2021

When you keep your cat indoors, you can be sure he is protected from cars, predators, and diseases picked up outside. When you see him staring through the windows for hours, chirping at birds, and feeling the breeze through the screen, you know he wants to be outside with nature.

Don’t you wish there was a way to enable your indoor cat to safely experience the great outdoors? Now, that the weather is nice and summer is finally upon us, how about getting him outside while avoiding the dangers of free roaming? Let’s look at a number of ways you can satisfy his instincts for being outdoors--but still keep his safety paramount.

Armarkat Pet Playpens: Available in multiple sizes and colors, Armarkat pet playpens allow you to take him to your favorite park and include him in your outdoor picnic. These durable vinyl playpens zip up with breathable mesh covers for maximum visibility for your cat, or even your dog. For easy transport, they collapse and come complete in their own custom carry case with handles.

Armarkat Pet Carriers: Armarkat lets you carry your pet safely in the car or outside just to smell the flowers. Different models have tough canvas exteriors, comfy removable cushions, and breathable mesh panels for best visibility. All have pockets or zip compartments to carry his favorite treats. Different sizes and shapes are available. Some models are even compliant with airline guidelines.

Catios: If you like projects, here is something you can build on your own. If you are not the handy type, they can also be purchased. As suggested by their name, catios are patios for cats. They must be completely screened in so Kitty is safely contained. They should be big enough so he can wander around and feel the outdoors surrounding him. Sometimes they are large enough to enable you to enjoy the outside right alongside your fur family. Some are simple, while others are complex with passageways and tunnels for kitty to explore the territory.

Cat Harnesses for Walking: Though not easy for every cat to adapt to, the harness and lead is particularly suitable only to certain felines. Since cats have delicate necks, it is of utmost importance to have a harness and leash that will not put pressure upon the cat’s neck. While he acclimates to the harness, be patient and do it in steps until he gets used to the new device. Next, do the same thing until he get used to walking while the lead is attached. Treats help in the early training stages. Keep him close to home when first walking since cats spook easily. You don’t want him to panic and try to run from dogs or noises.

Cat Strollers: It may seem funny at first to think of these predatory creatures confined to baby strollers, but here is another great way to take them safely outside. If you purchase one, you may want to leave it set up in the home until Kitty begins to explore it. Bedding cushions and treats inside will help to entice him. Make sure to purchase a stroller with a good zip closure and plenty of mesh for visibility. Once zipped in, you want no open areas where Kitty can slip out.

In conclusion, there are now multiple ways you can bring Kitty outdoors without endangering him. At the same time, It is very important you do your part to help keep him safe. Beforehand, it is a not a bad idea to have him microchipped as well as having an effective flea and tick protocol in place. This way, no little pests can hitch a ride on him before he returns home, safe and sound.

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