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Beware of Halloween: Avoid These Frightful Cat Nightmares!

Beware of Halloween: Avoid These Frightful Cat Nightmares!

Posted by Andrea on 1st Nov 2020

Well, it is once again the witching season and all the ghouls and goblins will soon come out to make the rounds; that is, if the virus doesn’t keep them away this year! Halloween can be fun, but let’s not forget Kitty when preparing for this year’s new crop of trick-or-treaters! There are dangers lurking, and we best be aware so we can head them off at the pass. Here is a list of potential Halloween nightmares:

Candy is for Kids!!! Cats should never go near the Halloween candy dish. As tempting as it is to share the treats, please keep in mind that candy is no good for their digestive systems and chocolate is downright lethal to felines. Signs of poisoning by chocolate include: vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures. Please take this warning seriously. If you want to feed them human food that is digestible, keep it to small boneless pieces of meat or veggies.

Don’t Let Them Out!!! No trick-or-treating for Kitty tonight! Halloween is a strange night for pets with so many people outside in costumes and acting strangely. The cat may be spooked by so many people traipsing through her territory. Further, it is not completely outside the realm of possibility to think there could be people who might tease, hurt or steal your beloved feline while so many are out and about. If your cat is used to going outside, it might be a good idea to keep them in for a couple days before and after Halloween, just to get them used to being in. Always best to be vigilant. Finally, it is not a bad idea to microchip your cat in the event she does get out during the season of the witch.

Shut the Front Door!!! You don’t want Kitty getting too excited by all the little children going in and out. With the door constantly opening and closing, there is likely opportunity for her to dart out. Believe me, Halloween is not a night you want to spend searching for your lost pet! So, it is recommended she be quarantined in another part of the house away from the door. Or, take a clue from this year of Covid, and go outside with candy and meet the trick-or-treaters there. This way, Kitty’s regular routine is not disrupted in the least. She will be none the wiser, and what she doesn’t see can’t hurt her!

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater!!! The first thing to know is that ingesting pumpkin can cause intestinal upset. The more she eats, the more sick she might become. Though non-toxic, pumpkins are just not part of the feline diet. So, any time cats stray from their normal foods, they put themselves at risk for stomach issues. And then there’s the candle inside the jack o’lantern! If the cat is drawn too close to the flame she could get burned. Or, if she trys to reach out and touch it, she is in danger of knocking the pumpkin over and starting a fire. You do not want people in real firefighter costumes coming to save you, your house and your fur family this Halloween. That’s fur sure!

You Can Dress Me Up!!! Pet costumes may be popular, but not all are manufactured with Kitty’s comfort in mind. To get around this, you may want to try a few different costumes until Kitty chooses the one she minds the least. Or, if she just can’t tolerate any, quickly grab those cutest-ever pictures on your phone, share on your favorite social media, and let her out of the costume! You don’t want you favorite feline to be uncomfortable or unhappy. Cats vary in their ability to tolerate dress-up occasions. Some seem not to mind while others get totally into a tizzy over the whole thing. You will know how your cat reacts soon enough!

If you keep the above cautions in mind, we know you will have an awesome Halloween. The most important thing to remember is to keep your fur family safe, secure, and away from anything that could present any spooky dangers.

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