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Autumn Leaves are Falling Down… Do You Know Where Your Cat Is?

Posted by Andrea on 27th Sep 2020

The days are growing shorter while Kitty’s fur is growing longer and fluffier to stave off the upcoming cold weather. The changes in daylight and temperature affect not only ourselves but our cats. We want to make sure our felines are safe throughout the changing of the seasons.

Though the majority of cat owners keep their cats indoors at all times, there are some who prefer to allow their furry friends a bit of time in the great outdoors. With this, the cat owner should be aware of the attendant risks associated with greater freedom. Though changing leaf colors are beautiful to you, they present a risk to your cat’s health and safety. Left on the ground, decaying leaves trap moisture which encourages the growth of molds and fungi that is poison to your feline.

Further, at the start of fall, snakes and other reptiles begin to seek secure hiding places in which to spend the winter. A chance encounter with Kitty could result in a poisonous bite. Live snakes may be enticing, but they are not wand toys!

Even for cats that spend all of their time indoors, Autumn poses unique risks and hazards. First, keep an eye on your cleaning products. Mothballs and cleaning solutions used in the changeover from summer to fall contain poisonous chemicals. Additionally, pest deterrents and traps designed to ward off rats, mice and other rodents in quest of hospitable winter living quarters, can also be hazardous to any cats or kittens who find them first.

Good to keep this in mind: As we bring out our scented seasonal candles, please remember how sensitive cats’ sense of small is. Odors which may seem delicate to us can be quite potent to little noses. If Kitty begins wheezing and sneezing, you may need to give up that autumn scented candle which, by the way, should never be in batting distance from sensitive cat paws.

Halloween is around the corner, with Thanksgiving soon to follow. Each of these human holidays presents its own set of challenges to cats. First, there are all the decorations they should not be chewing on. From garlands to wreaths and strings of lights, it will all catch their interest. Our job as cat parents is to keep our precious pets from chewing on cords and any unknown nature products. Then, there is the sweet smell of holiday foods that will make their tummys upset should they try to ingest what they are not supposed to. When cooking, keep all seasonings and scraps away from Kitty. Start making a habit of not allowing her to access your prep space.

At the start of fall, our activities turn to putting away summer clothes, cleaning our houses and decorating for the holidays. As you well know, Kitty is nearby watching each fascinating activity. By being diligent and careful with cleaning products, pest deterrents, and cooking supplies, you will not give her the opportunity to encounter these hazards up close. So, both you and she will be that much happier throughout the changing season!

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