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6 Things To Do With Your Cat On Valentine's Day, Because They're The Purrfect Date!

Posted by Andrea on 19th Feb 2020

Valentine's Day should be spent with someone you love. In some cases, that best someone is our furry companion. Forget about bad dates and spend your cuddle time with your precious kitty this Valentine's Day. You already know that your feline fills your heart with happiness, so they deserve all the love we have to give to them. Following are our suggestions for a love-filled, purrfect date night with your furry feline family.

1. Have Game Night with their Favorite Toys: First and foremost, if you haven't purchased their Armarkat cat tree yet, get this obligatory tower for climbing, playing, surveying their territory, and resting. They'll be so glad you did. After that, add to their collection of cat toys which can range from catnip mice to laser pointers and wands.

2. Netflix and Chill with Planet Earth: This is one show from the Discovery Network guaranteed to get their interest.

3. Have a Cat Treat Baking Party: The way to their furry hearts is through their stomach, but you already know that! So, show them your love with homemade treats. Try something from YouTube, and you can see if they love it meowy much!

4. Put Together an epic Cat Fort from Boxes: You know how much kittys love empty boxes. Build them a cat cave they will love from whatever empty boxes you collect to make their day special.

5. Cook a Fancy Feast for Two: It's hard work being adorable 24/7, so show them that you care by ditching the can and kibble for some human cooked chicken or savory salmon.

6. Dance to their Favorite Songs: Whether it's "Wild World" by Cat Stevens or "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from The Aristocats, put it on and dance like noone is watching. Only kitty, who may just jump into your arms to enjoy the revelry!

So, it turns out that your cat is the most pawsome date you could ask for, and you'll be smitten like a kitten just by spending time with them this Valentine's Day. For more, please go to: