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5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Exercise

5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Exercise

Posted by Andrea on 17th Nov 2019

Since last week we talked about the obesity epidemic amongst cats, it seems fair that this week we present some tried-and-true methods aimed to increase your cat's exercise. These suggestions will, in turn, help them to achieve and maintain a favorable weight for a healthier cat lifestyle.

We all know that enticing a feline to do anything can be a challenge, but enticing a lazy cat to get moving can be achieved when you gain a better understanding of what motivates kitties to be active.

The first thing to understand is that cats prefer short bursts of activity to long, drawn-out exercise sessions. A high-energy sprint will engage her hunting instincts. If you can encourage activity for a couple of minutes, perhaps two or three times a day, especially during their active times around dawn and dusk, you will be on the right path.

The next most important key to is to encourage the use of vertical space via climbing. Your Armarkat cat tree is of paramount importance here. You can watch her climb quickly up the various levels to the topmost perch where you can place either a favorite toy or treat.

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