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Armarkat Sun Shape Cat Wall Shelves, Modern Wall-Mounted Climbing Cats Furniture

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  • Description

    With our sun shaped cat shelf, you can add a new level of flair and practicality to your house.

    This wall-mounted cat climber not only saves important floor space, but also provides your cat with an elevated platform to rest and explore.

    It is sturdy and safe for your kitty buddy because it is made of solid wood.

    The distinctive sun form is inspired by the notion of sky and outer space, making it an eye-catching wall decoration.

    Its enormous size makes it suited for all breeds of cats and may complement any household decor.

    It has a weight capability of 15lbs, and is simple to install. Add this practical and fashionable addition to your house right away.


    Full Unit: 35" H x 35" L x 6.5" W
    Perch Dimension: 12" L x 6.5" W
    Hole Diameter: 9"
    Net Weight: 4.4 lbs

    Warning: Please install one screw on a stub behind the dry wall.

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