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About Us

Armarkat® is the leading brand of Aeromark Pet Product Company. Established in 1994, we are dedicated to the production of pet products such as Cat Trees and Pet Beds using large-scale production practices and were awarded TÜV Environmental Quality Control test Certificate. With 14 years of experience in pet product design and production, Armarkat® branded pet products are an industry recognized name known for quality and style.

Aeromark’s Armarkat® branded products are designed by professional pet product designers committed to putting your pets needs and preferences front and foremost while using environmentally friendly materials that are harmless to pet and to the pet owners. At the same time, all of Armarkat®’s products are fully hand crafted with elegant styles, and undergo our strict quality control standards to ensure its solid design and durability. When buying an Armarkat® product you can expect excellent quality and personalized customer supper services.

Our products have provided pets around the world with fun and relaxation, while providing pet owners with the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing they bought a quality product that is not only fashionably designed but also durable and safe. Our refined color matching makes our products better integrate into your life style.